2022-2023 Class Requests

The directions for completing course requests for the 2022-2023 school year are below.

Please carefully review the following information:

  • All class requests must be submitted online.

  • Course request cards are being provided for reference only. These cards will NOT be collected.

  • Click on the button below based on your student's grade for the 2022-2023 school year.

  • For elective choices, you may choose each class ONLY ONCE. Failure to provide the requested number of electives may result in being assigned an elective class you did not choose. If applicable, be sure to check for any prerequisites for elective classes.

  • Schedule changes will NOT be accommodated for any elective classes in your student's TOP FIVE.

Educational Release Time

The online Education Release program is designed to facilitate a parent’s desire to allow their student to participate in Released-Time activity from public school in accordance with USBE R277-610.


A parent may request Released-Time for reasons ranging from academic to non-academic and must offer an explanatory note for non-academic activities.


If the student’s enrollment percentage at the school drops below 50 percent due to Released- Time other than for Canyons Online, CTEC, JTEC, or Work Release, please consult the “Student Enrolled in School Part-Time” flow chart.


Steps for Parents to sign the student up for Home Release, Canyons Online Release, Work Release or Educational Release:

  1. Go to https://releases.canyonsdistrict.org

  2. Fill out the fields to look up your student’s information from Skyward. After selecting your student, fill out the additional questions that appear and then click “Submit”.

  3. An email will be sent to the parent/guardian on file for the student requesting their approval. Even if the form was initially submitted by a parent or guardian, this additional approval step must be completed to assure that the verified legal parent/guardian on file approves of the terms and conditions of the release.

  4. The form will be submitted to your student's counselor for approval (middle & high school students only).

  5. Once approved by the counselor, the form will be submitted to your student's principal for approval.

  6. Once approved by the principal, the District office of Planning and Enrollment will review your release application for approval.

  7. Once this is all complete, your student's counselor will be notified and the following will be notified to adjust your student's schedule:
    • For elementary students: The school's head secretary

    • For middle school students: Your student's counselor

    • For high school students: Your school's registrar